Cooking Programs for Kids

Cooking Programs for Kids to support Food Literacy

 What Teachers are Saying about Cultivating Cooks:

“The Cultivating Cooks program has all the ingredients to create a successful learning experience for my students – it has the right blend of hands-on, practical activities about growing and nutrition alongside well-researched learning activities designed to help kids become conscious food consumers.

The students have learned so much from their interactions with the chefs, the dietician and the master gardener who have shared their expertise. The learning blends curriculum from science and healthy living with critical thinking and creativity to make good food choices.

I have immensely enjoyed this collaboration and would recommend this program to to any class. Cultivating Cooks activities have been springboards to many different conversations and connections in many different classes. Most of all, the students look forward to seeing our Cultivating Cooks friends every two weeks.”

                  – Mr. MacArthur Millen, Grade 5 Teacher, Woodroffe Public School

Cultivating Cooks School Food Literacy Initiative
Cultivating Cooks School Food Literacy & Cooking Programs

 What Students are Saying about Cultivating Cooks:

 “This year’s Cultivating Cooks has been amazing. I’ve learned how to cook and crop things properly and also have tried so many local foods I didn’t know existed. Cultivating Cooks is helping me eat healthier foods.”            

“In the Cultivating Cooks program we learned many ways to perfect our gardens. We constructed new beds for the school garden, a new compost system and learned how to properly compost. We learned how to make a healthy salad and eat whole foods” 

“The Cultivating Cooks Program – I could go on forever about how fun it is. The first thing we did was plant a ton of plants, and it was awesome. I loved it and I got to water them every day. We got to redo our garden and now we are learning how to properly compost. This was my favourite year because of Cultivating Cooks. They helped us understand the eco-system better.”

Ottawa School Food Programs Cultivate Young Cooks
Ottawa School Food Programs Cultivate Young Cooks
Cooking Programs for Kids Food Literacy by Cultivating Cooks
Cooking Programs for Kids Food Literacy by Cultivating Cooks