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Cultivating Cooks School Programs for kids.

Whether you eat to live or live to eat, there’s no denying the importance food plays in our lives (though chances are, if you’re reading this publication you probably fall into the latter category). Although the current zeitgeist would paint our society as one fairly obsessed with our food, it’s easier than ever to be disconnected from it. With convenience often dominating the culinary landscape, it’s perhaps not surprising that food literacy is a modern day concern.

So why is something that plays such a crucial role in our lives, given so little attention in schools? Educators with Cultivating Cooks and at Longfields Davidson Heights Secondary School are among those who believe food education should be part of a standard curriculum and are working in and out of the school system to equip kids with food knowledge and skills…

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Cultivating Cooks School Food Literacy Initiative

Cultivating Cooks is a classroom based gardening and cooking program that connects students with local chefs, community gardeners and other local food producers. The overall goal is to get kids enthusiastic about “all things green”- understanding how they too can become “green garden stewards” both at school and at home. Teachers are actively involved in the process and have an opportunity to partake alongside the
students; learning about healthy food systems and sustainable food practices by engaging in hands-on activities.

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